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A Little bit of history

John and Lorenda Moorhouse migrated from Europe to pioneer the farm in 1828. John Petitioned for lot 24 concession after they arrived in 1829. It wasn't for sometime, but the deal went through (with conditions)!  The deed was signed by Colonel Talbot on July 5, 1843. The 6th and 7th generation Moorhouses are still occupying the land ---just like their ancestors --- developing it! 

It is said that John and his wife Lorenda choose to pioneer this lot so the horses would have a nice steady slope to the river. There once was a small road that ran through the river shallow enough that horses pulled old chuck wagons across it to gain access to the farm land on the other side. 

Want to see our modern take on the old chuck wagons? 

Watch these


of weddings held at Moorhouse Estates


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